>Do it anyway…

>After a few days in Atlanta at the ’08 Catalyst Conference, my motto is “Do It Anyway.” I’m going to adopt it for ’09. I’ve never thought of myself as a cutting-edge leader in the “traditional” sense. However, as I heard all week last week, if not you, then who? If not now, when? For me, it calls for a “Do It Anyway” attitude, regardless of people’s opinions or perceptions. Life is short, the average American church is spinning its wheels and there are people who need the Gospel in a relative way. I’m not saying the Gospel message is changing, but the context is and so is the way people hear it. It requires a “Do It Anyway” attitude. People need to hear it and I don’t do anything about it, who will? I am poised atop a great mountain of potential in our church. Mediocrity won’t do. It may not be popular but the call is to “Do It Anyway.”

You in?

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One thought on “>Do it anyway…

  1. >Do it Britton. I can’t wait to see the results of a ministry that says I don’t care what you think I am going to do it anyway.

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