My email to our SBC Executive Committee

>Last week, I emailed our Executive Committee and asked a few questions about Morris Chapman’s “Presidential Report” at the Annual Convention. Below is my email and the response from the Office of Convention Relations.

“Dear Sirs –
In regard to Morris Chapman’s “President’s Report” for the Annual Meeting. After hearing about the Great Commission Resurgence and its call for accountability to the Scriptures, the Great Commission and the best use of SBC CP funds, I am appalled at Chapman’s lack of support of this initiative. There is nothing subversive about Johnny Hunt’s movement as President of the SBC and yet Chapman’s “report” essentially called Hunt’s initiative nothing short of heretical. What is his fear of the GCR? Could it be that Chapman is afraid that the GCR will call into question his leadership of the Executive Committee and in turn, the SBC as a whole? Could it be that Chapman is avoiding accountability because he knows that more CP dollars are being spent on the Executive Committee and their funding than on the IMB and sending missionaries around the world. I am 28 years old and a pastor of an SBC church in Texas. As a member of the SBC and a supporter of the GCR, I want Chapman to issue his thoughts forwardly, not veiled behind theological jargon and rhetoric. If he doesn’t like the GCR, just say so. Don’t attempt to be a hero for a lack of accountability. The bureaucracy is big enough and it’s time to trim the fat. If Chapman is leading effectively, he has nothing to worry about. An animosity toward accountability just proves that he is not effectively utilizing my church’s CP contributions. Morris Chapman needs accountability just like the rest of us. Johnny Hunt is asking for a reckoning all across our denomination, starting at the top. No one is beyond accounting for their work. Please explain the lunacy behind refusing to report the work of Southern Baptists over the past year in favor of a slam on a proposed move in the SBC (which is exactly what Chapman did in his so-called “Presidential Report)?”

Dear Stan:

We have received your email and have conveyed its sentiments to Dr. Chapman.

While we are glad to respond to this question, our primary mission is to tell the “Good News” about Jesus. Scripture teaches that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day. It is our hope and prayer that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul said it this way, “For by grace you are saved through faith.” If you have already received Jesus Christ as your Lord, we rejoice with you. If, however, you do not know Jesus, we invite you to turn from your sinful past and turn to God through faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord. When we are saved from the penalty of our sins, we experience His cleansing from sin and His transforming power in our lives. A hymn writer has said it well, “Only Jesus can satisfy your soul.” How true!

Office of Convention Relations
Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention
901 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 244-2355


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8 thoughts on “My email to our SBC Executive Committee

  1. >The technical term for that is "non-response."

  2. >Agreed. The company lines just keep on coming. I'm just hoping the second part of is just a cut-and-paste insert into every email. I sure would hate to think the SBC would question my salvation for asking questions about its leadership.

  3. >Sure looks like a boilerplate response to me. Either way, it's insulting. Don't let them close ranks on you, son. Keep demanding accountability, be hard to ignore, and you may eventually get it.

  4. >"The Truth is heavy, therefore few care to carry it."good for you on speaking the truth.

  5. >I don't get it. What exactly was that in response to? Is it standard to simply not respond to pastors and treat them as if they aren't saved?Just weird…

  6. >Excellent letter, shameful response. Do keep in their faces, Stan, but be praying that God will move in their hearts as you do.

  7. >Mark – very disappointing, in my opinion. Aaron – my prayer is that our SBC leadership would wake up (as Johnny Hunt has proposed) and recheck our priorities. I don't give up 10% of my budget receipts for Chapman and all the VP's to have bigger paychecks. I encourage my church to support missions and pray that those to whom I entrust those funds would do the same. Every organization should review its operations on a regular basis. In my opinion, the GCR does exactly that. Thanks to Johnny Hunt for his leadership and willingness to take the bull by the horns. I pray he, along with the task force, are successful.

  8. >I find it funny that you mention in your letter that you are a PASTOR in an SBC church, and they send a cookie cutter letter back to you with the plan of salvation, designed to "dismiss" any Joe Schmoe off the streets that may not be a Christian, who questions them. Don't they at least have a cookie cutter letter to "dismiss" the leaders in their churches who question?WOW.

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