Be thankful…

I have rarely blogged about politics and I don’t intend to start now. However, after watching what has transpired in Egypt over the last 2 1/2 weeks, it’s hard not to be thankful for the county in which I live.

I’ll admit, I have my issues with our current governmental situation and our leadership. Thankfully, those things can be repaired and corrected in an election in which every American citizen is invited to vote. You have rights and those rights, for the most part, are protected each and every day by a Constitution and a Declaration of Independence that our President and government have sworn to uphold.

As you go about your day, be thankful for America. Be thankful that our largest “battles” are things like healthcare and taxes and not a tyrant dictator who does not care for the people he’s entrusted to protect and defend.

Pray for Egypt – the next few weeks and months are incredibly crucial. You are watching a entire society change in an instant. Pray for resolve and protection for a country in tumult. On the other side, if they prevail, lies a society, a country and a people who want and deserve freedom.

Just in case you need a fresh reminder, here is a link to words penned nearly 250 years ago that ushered in a new era for a blossoming country called the United States of America – Declaration of Independence

grace and peace,


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