Laying It Out: Some Math and a Request…

For nearly 2 months now, I’ve been using Facebook, Twitter and my blog to update you about our journey to a full-time staff position with NEXT Worldwide. I have shared our joy about this position and the excitement of investing in students and church planters around the world. To say the least, I am PUMPED about NEXT. It is a dream job. I can’t wait to get started. We are well on our way with raising support. To date, we are at 12.97, call it 13% of our goal.

Our goal is $68,400 annually. That’s $5700 per month to cover a salary that supports our family and all our ministry expenses. I am a numbers junkie so I started crunching the numbers. Here’s what I came up with…

I have 1,396 Facebook friends. I have 430 Twitter followers.

1,396 + 430 = 1,826 people.

I figured about 30% of those people are overlapping on both FB and Twitter, some are spam followers on Twitter, and there are some folks that I’ve befriended but we don’t really “follow” each other.

1,826 – 30% = 1,275 people.

Let’s say 1 out of 5 of those people could give $35 per month support our ministry with NEXT Worldwide. $35 per month to help us impact students and take the Gospel around the world. $35 per month invested in the Britton family to spread the Gospel to the nations.

1,275 / 5 = 255 people

255 x $35 = $8,925 monthly

$8,925 x 12 months = $107,100

$107,100 / $68,400 (our annual goal) = 1.5

If 1 out of 5 Facebook and Twitter friends gave $35 per month, it would support our ministry for a year and a half.

$35 per month. Taking the Gospel around the world. Making an eternal impact in high school and college students. Sharing the Gospel with someone who has never heard.

Will you help us?

grace and peace,


If you have questions about supporting our ministry, Email Me

If you want to give online, go HERE – fill in your information and select “I’d like to support a NEXT Staff Member.” Select “Stan Britton” from the drop-down menu. Every gift is 100% tax-deductible and you will receive a giving statement reflecting your gift.

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