Journey Together

Over the past few days, I’ve posted some thoughts, encouragement and suggestions about marriage. I want to close this week with the challenge to “journey together.” I was reading through some old posts about a vacation my family and I took several years ago. All of the memories of that vacation came flooding back as I read. I thought, “I wonder if I could write a “review” of my marriage and feel the same way?” Would great memories come flooding in? Would the feel of those special moments in my marriage arise as I looked back over my marriage?

We’re so quick to blog about experiences we have, books we read, conversations that jostle worldview or perspective. These things impact us and we automatically default to sharing them with the world. There’s nothing wrong with this. We were created to be relational people. However, do you approach the journey with your spouse with the same attention and heart? Those powerful moments that you share on your blog, your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, does your spouse know about those things before the rest of the world?

You’re on a journey with your spouse. You vowed, at the altar, to walk with him/her “until death do us part.” God gave you a built-in “traveling buddy.” As you go through this life, you have a companion, a partner, a friend to share it with. When you see something beautiful – “Hey, look at that!” When you experience something painful – “I can’t believe it. Neither can I, let’s talk about that.” When there are no words to explain or describe, when you just need a person to sit with you and take it all in. God created you for your spouse and vice-versa for those very moments.

Don’t forget to journey together. Allow God to use your experience and your spouse’s experience to paint a picture, to make the memories that you want to blog about, to share moment that will increase your love for one another. Journey together.

“Take my hand and hold me close.

Keep me near when the world is cold.

Share my joys, share them deep.

We’ll walk together, you and me. 

So take my hand, 

And take my heart.

We’ll walk together,

Until death do us part.”


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