Called For a Purpose

I preached this morning at our church. The text was selected passages from Acts 9. We looked at elements of Saul’s conversion and answered a few questions about our own conversion. Here are 5 elements of Biblical conversion as found in Acts 9. 

1.) Biblical conversion begins with a Divine Initiative – Ultimately, God prepared the plan of salvation long before the creation of the world. Your salvation was written into your days before you were ever born. 

2.) Biblical conversion requires a personal encounter with Christ – Conversion is more than subscribing to a set of religious beliefs or practices. You must interact with the resurrected Christ. When the unadulterated Gospel is preached, we see Jesus revealed as a Savior King deserving our allegiance and faith. 

3.) Biblical conversion demands submission to the Lordship of Christ – You are not converted merely for the sake of eternal security. Christ, because of the very nature of the Gospel, demands a submission not only as Savior for eternity, but as Lord for the here and now. Through every trial and temptation, every success and joy, Jesus is Lord. Even through every failure, He is still the preeminent King.

4.) Biblical conversion connects you to the fellowship of other believers – You are not meant to live alone. We are created for relationship. As we learn more of Christ, we are encouraged to do so alongside other believers. Proverbs 27:17 – “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

5.) Biblical conversion is a commissioning as His ambassador – God has, through the blood of Christ, purchased the right to commission you as an ambassador for His Kingdom. Your conversion is the catalytic moment where you move from death and disobedience to eternal life and faith. The Apostle Paul makes a great statement in 2 Corinthians 5:20 – “Therefore, we are ambassadors of Christ. God making His appeal [to the world] through us…” You become, upon your conversion, a mouthpiece for God to continue propagating His Kingdom in the world. You are His instrument. 


As you read these things, my prayer is that you would examine your own conversion experience. Perhaps these questions might serve as a tool for personal reflection and examination –

Have you had a personal experience with Jesus Christ?

Have you submitted to His Lordship of your life; surrendering control and allowing Him to reign supreme in your heart?

Are you involved in regular, active, Christian fellowship (outside of weekly worship services)? 

What does the Gospel look like in your daily life? How is God making His appeal through you in the world around you?



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