Stepping Out


Pictured above, the team sharing with Pamela, who is now a new sister in Christ!

I’m with a team this week in Cañas, Costa Rica. We have 34 students and adults from Baltimore working in 2 colonies here. There are 2 house churches that the students are helping to support.

Yesterday, we walked through one of the colonies sharing the Gospel with the residents. One particular home provided an awesome opportunity for one student. It was her first time sharing the Gospel. She shared the story of the Gospel, explaining how God created us, how He loves us and sent Jesus to die for our sins. She followed that by sharing her personal testimony. She has a strong story of how God sustained her through a difficult family ordeal.

The student asked the young lady if she had ever trusted Christ for salvation and she had not. She then asked if she would be willing to place her faith on Christ at that moment. The lady said YES! It was awesome!!

So, here’s this high school student, sharing Christ for the first time (through a translator no less) and she was able to see someone make a decision to follow Christ!! I was so proud!!

It really is easy to share about Christ. I pray you’ll take the opportunity to share with someone today!


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One thought on “Stepping Out

  1. Hello from across the ocean! This is just what I was hunting for, and you got it right. Thank you

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