It’s a Big Ask…


It’s a big question…and a difficult one. Over the past 18 months, I have engaged multiple conversations where I’ve had to make the “Big Ask.” In corporate fundraising, or any kind of fundraising for that matter, there’s always the moment after you have made your pitch; the moment of truth. So, are you on board with what we’re doing? Would you support an idea, person, organization, cause or goal based on what I’ve just shared with you? That’s the Big Ask, asking you to join up with this idea, organization or cause.

NEXT Worldwide is a unique organization. We have one simple goal; to expand the Kingdom of God by supporting and planting gospel-preaching, Christ-exalting churches around the world. This looks different in every country where we work, but ultimately, we work to expand the Kingdom of God on Earth. God speaking His message of redemption, hope and restoration through us to the world. And, I have to say, I’m smitten. I’ve been in vocational ministry since 1999. I’ve served on 4 church staffs to ministries large and small. I have loved every minute of it. Up until about 6 months ago, however, I didn’t feel fulfilled. Like God had called me to something bigger. Because He did…

I always avoided organizations like NEXT Worldwide simply because I’d have to raise my financial support. In order to draw a salary, I would have to rally people to give financially to support me and my family. I struggled with this idea, if I’m being honest. Is this really what God wanted? Is this really what He called me to? I finally realized that I needed to trust Him. All those years that I had preached about “big faith in a big God who can do the impossible.” This is where the rubber meets the road in my personal faith.

So, my family and I stepped out. We drew up a budget that would support our family. We put together our hopes and dreams about reaching the world for Christ and we began making “the Big Ask.” Slowly but surely, people started saying yes. One by one, people committed $20, $30, $50, $100 per month. I even had a perfect stranger from a conference where I was speaking give us $50 per month. Last September, a friend handed me a check for $5000. He said that he recognized God’s calling on my life and, “that he wanted to do whatever it took to make sure I followed that calling.” I was completely overwhelmed. God has used so many people to confirm His calling. Many of you reading this are those people.

As we continue to support and plant churches around the world, we have to continue raising the necessary funds to support our family. It’s a never-ending, ongoing cycle but we trust that God will continue to use people like you to propel us forward. For as much as God has called us to go, He’s called you to send people. Both are necessary and extremely critical to the expansion of His Kingdom. So, based on what I’ve shared with you, is this an organization that you would support? Would you support our family with a monthly donation so we can take the Gospel to the world? I hope you’ll prayerfully consider. If you’re answer is yes, click the link below to join us on this incredible journey.

To support the Britton family –




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