Man Up–Our Wives Need Us

Here is the 2nd post by Grady McDonald. Today’s thought, loving your wife. Prepare for a punch in the mouth. This is good!

Grady McDonald

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I have a weird sense of humor.  Not everyone can appreciate that, but it is part of what makes me who I am.  Things that others see as natural and normal, I sometimes see as hilarious.  Such was the case recently.  With the much-anticipated release of a popular movie whose intended demographic is teenage girls, I was shocked by all of the response and excitement that grown women had over this same movie.  While many of these women were sharing their tears via various forms of social media, I could not help but find a little humor in the fact that glitter-covered, sparkly vampires could reduce otherwise intelligent women to tears.  Someone caught my humor, and asked me if I was open to discuss the value they saw in the movie.  Of course, I was willing.  At the end of our discussion, my previous…

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