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This is a recent letter that went out as part of our year-end fundraising. We depend on the support of family, friends and ministry partners to help us take the Gospel around the world. A $25, $50 or $100 per month donation is a great help to us! As you read, please pray and consider joining us in taking the Gospel message of Christ to the nations!

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Dear Ministry Partner,
I’m writing you today with some urgent news about how your gifts in the next 30 days can make an even bigger impact.
Let me explain…

Like most ministries, NEXT designates 10% of every donation to cover general and administrative expenses. But a generous donor has just stepped up to cover those expenses for December, meaning 100% of your gifts in the next month will go towards placing me on firm financial footing so I can continue work to impact communities around the world in places like Guatemala.

This really couldn’t come at a better time since I’m in need of raising more support before beginning our busy trip season in March. I can’t wait to be back on the field with students working to establish new churches with local church leaders.

One such leader we’ve been working alongside for two years, Alejandro, has already benefitted from NEXT teams coming to help him in Guatemala City. Last month at the Pastoral Leadership Conference in Guatemala, he told me,

“As a result of the NEXT team coming this year, 19 people received Jesus! As we have continued to disciple them, they have formed our third house church and our neighborhood is experiencing great change through the power of Jesus Christ.”

One of the reasons why I’m so passionate about our vision at NEXT is the opportunity we have to share the gospel with people in communities with limited gospel access and pour into church leaders like Alejandro to fulfill the ministry God has given them. I can’t wait for our 2013 trips!

But I’ve crunched the numbers, and in order for me to remain on staff at NEXT to continue to work towards transforming communities around the world, it’s crucial I receive $8,500 by December 31st.

So would you pray and ask God if He would have you contribute to this need through either a monthly commitment or a one-time gift? Thank you. I’m so grateful for your help to put me on solid financial footing as I enter into our 2013 trip season.

Thank you for your generosity, especially when the need for community transformation through the gospel is so great during these challenging times around the world. I’m grateful for your partnership!

For the Kingdom,
Stan Britton

P.S. Thank you for any gift you feel led to give by December 31st, every penny of which will go toward helping me meet my $8,500 goal to remain on staff at NEXT and continue towards transforming communities around the world. I’m so grateful!

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