Like Father, Like Son – An Adoption Journey, Intro

Last year, I began writing what I hope will become my book, “Like Father, Like Son: A Journey from Adopted Child to Adoptive Parent.”  After writing the first few chapters, I admit I lost my drive. I almost feel that I was “in too deep.” The adoption story that runs through my family contains some of the brightest moments and darkest nights of my life. It has been cathartic to get some of it on paper. However, I felt like it was disorganized and didn’t flow very well.

My hope is, over the next few weeks, I can write vignettes of our adoption story, my personal one as an adopted child and now my family’s story as we became adoptive parents. I would like to then take these vignettes and compile them into an e-book that I’ll publish. My goal is to provide a resource for open adoption (our experience) and translate the importance of open adoption in most settings. This has been an incredible journey for me and my family. Our adoption story has many twists and turns but it remains a unique part of our family.

If I could be so bold, would you help me with this? I trust that this journey will be a fun one. I hope you will enjoy my perspective and if I could ask, would you hold me accountable to telling it? If it’s been a few days and you haven’t seen anything posted, please leave a comment, ask for another post, challenge me to keep writing. I would greatly appreciate it. I am grateful for all who read this blog on a regular basis. You are a great encouragement to me.

grace and peace,


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3 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son – An Adoption Journey, Intro

  1. Debbie I on said:

    You always inspire and amaze me.. I am one person who is so glad to call you a friend.
    I will be waiting for a snippit to be posted. I have an adopted grandson in WI and it was not intended to be an open adoptions but became one when my daughter was killed. I get pictures and we FB and are now going to Skype. He is 10 now and I can’t think of anyone more fitting to be his parents than the ones my daughter chose. So thankful you and Lauren were brought into my life.. Love you guys..

  2. Mary Davis on said:

    Stan I am so glad you are writing your stories. What a wonderful gift for CJ when he gets older & can understand his story & how much he is loved. I am so grateful to have you & your family in our lives, it has made our journey so much easier. Looking forward to reading your next post.

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