NEXT Worldwide Newsletter – May 2013

Spring 2013

We love springtime! The boys are getting big with Noah (age 7), Colin (age 2) and Andrew (age 1). Noah is in 1st grade and loving every minute. He has started his 3rd baseball season with the Forney Knights (more pics to come). Colin attends Playschool at Mimosa Lane Baptist Church and is learning so much. He has become quite the chatterbox as well as full of energy to run, jump and play. Andrew started walking…finally. We thought he would never take that first step. He is learning more daily and continues to keep up with his big brothers. Enjoy some of photos from early 2013!


An Unbelievable Surprise…

Lauren and Stan will celebrate 9 years of marriage in mid-June. In late-2007 through early-2010, you all know about our struggles with infertility and our path to adopting Colin James in September 2010. Shortly after we finalized CJ’s adoption, we found out about the impending arrival of Andrew in December of 2011. Our journey of three years of infertility and then realizing the Lord’s plans for adoption in our family was often difficult but we have seen it to be a great blessing for our story and our family.

In early April, Lauren found out that she is pregnant with our fourth child. That’s right, Britton #4 is on the way in late November 2013. While were completely surprised by this news, we are incredibly grateful for this great blessing of a growing family after wrestling with infertility. God has been so faithful and blessed us in so many ways. So far, all is well with this little one and we will find out soon if we will add a boy or a girl to our brood (PLEASE pray hard for a girl!! 🙂 Here is a recent sonogram picture of our newest little blessing!

NEXT Worldwide Ministry Team

Stan is preparing for Summer 2013 with NEXT Worldwide. He will lead 3 trips this summer to Costa Rica, Seattle, Washington and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As of May 15th, 67 people are scheduled on these three trips. Please pray as details are finalized for these trips. Pray for the churches, pastors, mission teams and the projects we will support on the field. Overall, NEXT Worldwide is supporting 17 trips to 10 countries with over 400 participants. All of these trips will emphasize sharing the Gospel to a lost world and helping to plant churches! I am so excited about the potential for Summer 2013. I can’t wait to share how God uses these teams around the globe to expand His Kingdom!

We are continually grateful to all who support us through prayer and financial gifts. Your encouragement and support are unbelievably critical to what we do in taking the Gospel to the nations.

We pray that you would consider joining our Ministry Support Team with a monthly contribution. Each gift allows us to continue taking the Gospel around the US and around the world. We are currently working toward a goal of $24,000 or $2,000 per month before the year end. This will help us finish 2013 in the black and begin 2014 with the financial resources to continue our ministry with NEXT. A $100 per month gift represents 5% of our need. We are asking the Lord for 20 partners to give 5% to help us reach this goal.

To contribute a monthly gift to our ongoing ministry with NEXT Worldwide, click HERE. All gifts are 100% tax-deductible


Pray with Us

Stan begins travelling in late May for his summer 2013 trips. Pray for the 67 participants and the work they will do on the mission field. Pray for the church planters who will partner with us. Pray that many will hear the Gospel and respond to the love of Christ.

Pray for our home. Each travel season brings attacks from Satan to distract us from the ministry God has given. We ask for God’s provision to fight these distractions and be faithful with the ministry.

Pray for baby Britton #4, that he or she would continue to develop well into a healthy little one. Pray for Lauren as she continues through this pregnancy.

Pray for our health. All 5 of us have been down with allergies, colds, bronchitis, etc. Pray that we would regain health as we head into the summer.

If your church has a need for pulpit supply, Student Ministry teaching or interested in partnering with NEXT Worldwide, email Stan for more information and scheduling.

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2 thoughts on “NEXT Worldwide Newsletter – May 2013

  1. So excited for your family and what God continues to do through you! Blessings!

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