A New Chapter

It’s been 7.5 months since I’ve posted here. The past 4 months have been incredibly busy with us welcoming a new son, Luke, born November 23rd. Our ministry with NEXT has been exciting as God has opened the door for 19 trips in 2014 with nearly 300 students and adults participating. My first trip to Guatemala leaves in about 2 weeks. All in all, it’s been an awesome few months since I’ve written here.

In early October, the Lord began stirring something in my soul through the questions of others and especially those on our support team with NEXT. The question, “When are you going to plant a church?” For the past 7 years, this question has followed me around. From fellow pastors and ministry colleagues to families in the churches I’ve served who have affirmed my calling as a pastor. I’ve always avoided this question by reminding people that there are plenty of good churches and the ethereal “The Lord hasn’t called me to do that.” Some kind of cosmic way of hiding behind the Holy Spirit.

In reality, God has placed me in ministry positions to support church planting and men who plant throughout my entire ministry. 3 of the 5 churches I’ve served were plants. The other 2 churches were actively involved in planting around the world. For the past few years, I’ve worked with an organization that supporting church planting efforts in 9 countries. In short, I’ve always been around church planting.

Now it’s my turn. Yes, the Lord has made it evidently clear that I am to plant a church and I believe I cannot go in any other direction.

The Lord is starting another local church and I feel compelled to lead it. He has used friends, family, fellow pastors and ministry friends to affirm and confirm this calling. Lauren is excited and believes that God has divinely led us to this point.

We began researching growing areas where a need for a local church exists. One friend pointed out the projected growth in eastern Rockwall County that will affect the communities of Heath, Fate, McLendon-Chisholm and north Forney. It is the 8th fastest growing county in the nation (based on 2010 Census) and is expected to welcome upwards of 10,000 people between now and 2017. An exciting area of new, young families that will need a place to worship when they move there. So, we have committed to plant The Church at Buffalo Creek in eastern Rockwall County.

We will transition from NEXT Worldwide AFTER my 2014 trips and the church will launch September 28th, 2014. We are currently working on the initial details, meeting space and legal work of planting a church. There are many details and we are excited as God brings them together.

PRAY: Pray for us and our family as we take this step of faith. Pray for our Core Team to grow and develop relationships with people who will be impacted by The Church at Buffalo Creek.

JOIN: Perhaps your family is supposed to partner with us to begin this church. Our Core Team is meeting now and we would love to have you join us. You can get details at info@thechurchatbc.org

FOLLOW: You can follow us on the web – The Church at Buffalo Creek ,
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TCABuffaloCreek,
Twitter – www.twitter.com/TCABuffaloCreek


GIVE: We are asking those who have supported us with NEXT Worldwide to help us as we plant this local church. All gifts are tax-deductible. You can give online HERE or by mail. Our mailing address is:

The Church at Buffalo Creek
PO Box 1752
Rockwall, TX 75089

The Lord has been gracious to us so far and we are excited to see how He writes this new chapter in our ministry. Even more, we are excited to see how He impacts eastern Rockwall County through a new church in that area.

A New Church
In The Community
For The Community
For The World

The Britton Family has always been blessed by those who follow our family and ministry. We are excited as we begin this new chapter!

Stan, Lauren and the boys

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