We Planted a Church…

1-old-country-church-in-fall-rumford-center-maine-keith-webber-jrOver the last 13 weeks, we have been meeting regularly with people who are part of the Launch Team of The Church at Buffalo Creek. We’ve studied the Scriptures together, prayed together, laughed together and most importantly, grown together as a group. It is an awesome gathering!

Several times over those 13 weeks, I’ve said to myself (and out loud), “Oh my gosh! We’ve planted a church!” It’s a very surreal moment each time it happens. Part of me is overwhelmed by the prospect of leading a faith community that impacts the world; part of me is completely invigorated by the whole idea of seeing something that doesn’t currently exist come to life.  We planted a church…a new church.

We are doing all the things prescribed in Acts that a church should be doing. Studying the apostles’ teachings, eating, praying, encouraging, supporting one another. We are actively and financially supporting 3 missionaries who are active in church planting. We planted a church…that supports planting other churches.

This past Sunday, we were closing our meeting in a time of prayer and there were several heavy things mentioned for prayer. It was an incredible moment to pray and sense that our team is in this together, praying for one another. I wish I could show you the text message string that has gone out several times over the past few weeks. One person will write, “Pray for _________. I’m really struggling…” Or “Pray for __________. I have an opportunity…” Then what follows is a barrage of texts of supportive prayer, Scripture or encouraging words. We planted a church…that prays for and supports one another.

Oh my gosh…we planted a church. Not a building or a church service, but a living, breathing organism that has the ability to impact and influence people. A gathering that loves the Gospel and is learning how to live out the Gospel in every way, every day. A gathering that is honest about it’s flaws and shortcomings but passionate about Jesus and His redemptive work.

We planted a church…an unashamed, unapologetic, Jesus-loving church that wants to be a change agent in the community and the world. We planted a church that wants to be more than an hour on Sunday morning. We want to see Jesus transform every moment of ours for His glory and for His Kingdom.

For more information – The Church at Buffalo Creek
Want to join our launch team? – info@thechurchatbc.org
Make a donation to help us launch – Giving Options

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