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If you’ve read through my blog posts, you know that the nature of our ministry is missions and church planting. When I stepped out to join NEXT Worldwide in 2011, we knew we were stepping into uncharted waters. NEXT requires mission staff members to raise their financial support. So, in order to participate in missions and church planting – 2 things about which I (Stan) am very passionate – we must raise our salary and expenses each year.

Raising support is a combination of sheer joy and sheer terror. It is joyful because we get to do something so incredibly rewarding like planting churches and sharing the gospel. The element of sheer terror is knowing that unless people feel led by God to contribute to our ministry we won’t have the resources to continue the work.

Over the past few weeks, the Lord has been clarifying our call with NEXT and for our family. I’ve mentioned before that I hope the Lord gives me 30 years with NEXT and allows me to see the gospel go all over the world.   This calling will take the support of many partners. Many of you are faithful to support us. We are eternally grateful for that!

As I mentioned in our newsletter, we are currently raising $25,000 for our year-end goal in 2013. In short, we need to raise $25,000 in the next 6 months to end 2013 in the black and provide reserves for our 2014 ministry. For accountability, the Board of Directors at NEXT requires that we always keep a surplus in our account for emergencies and any unforeseen financial circumstances. We need $2,000 immediately to remain accountable to this requirement. We know the Lord will provide it through faithful ministry partners.

$500/month equals a $6,000 annual commitment to our $25,000 goal
$200/month equals a $2,400 annual commitment to our $25,000 goal
$100/month equals a $1,200 annual commitment to our $25,000 goal
$50/month equals a $600 annual commitment to our $25,000 goal

Will you join us in planting churches and taking the gospel to the nations? This is a simple way to help further the Kingdom and share the gospel to so many who have never heard. I pray that you will join us.

To give a gift to our ministry with NEXT Worldwide – click HERE

Until the whole world hears,

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